I am Sofie, a Belgian living in Amsterdam since 2017. I am a tailor and a vintage freak, and so I combine these two aspects in my work.

Up untill a few years ago, my core business was mending vintage pieces and making made-to-measure vintage reproductions. But for a while I had the idea of starting up a vintage style homewear brand, with clothing only meant for wearing at home or indoors, and so bringing vintage glamour into your homes! Sleepwear, loungewear and workwear (like aprons), both for men and women.

I am a one-woman-business, taking care of everything from designing to production to sales. In 2018, I started up small with a mini collection of 3 silhouettes for women. In the meanwhile this little collection has developped into a bigger range of silhouettes, and lots more is coming in the future!